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Whether you're in the market for new air conditioning system or if you'd just like to have your existing one inspected and serviced, 5 Star Air Conditioning & Heating LLC is here to help. We offer a complete array of dependable services for air conditioners and heaters. including:

Routine Maintenance

When it comes to keeping an air conditioner or heater functioning properly, leaving well enough alone isn't the way to go. Waiting until there's a major problem before calling an HVAC company isn't practical or advisable. A small amount of regular maintenance can make an extraordinary difference in terms of repairs, replacements and other issues. When you buy a new air conditioner, don't you want it to last? Our certified team will clean, inspect and service your unit to nip small problems in the bud. With regular attention, an air conditioner is far less likely to fall into serious disrepair. In the end, this work will save you money and frustration.

New Installations

If you're ready to slash your energy bills and increase your comfort, a new air conditioning system is the way to go. Air conditioning technology has improved dramatically in the last few years alone, so replacing an older model with a newer, more efficient one can make a significant difference. Choosing the right equipment is key, 5 Star Air Conditioning & Heating can help. We strictly stock dependable, highly efficient air conditioners from trusted brands like Trane. We will sit down with you to go over the available options, and we won't be satisfied until we find what best fits your needs.


Have you ever been kept waiting for air conditioning repairs? If so, you know how aggravating it can be. We are committed to responding quickly to customers' calls. For non-urgent situations, we offer flexible appointments during regular business hours, you can also take advantage of our24/7 emergency repair services. We don't want you to go without refreshing, cool air for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Maintenance Agreements

You don't have to wait until something goes wrong. In fact, its wise to take a proactive approach to the situation by scheduling routine maintenance and air conditioning service. We know how easy it is to put this kind of thing on the back burner, which is why we offer convenient options like maintenance agreements. After arriving for a regular scheduled maintenance call , our factory-trained technicians will inspect, clean and service you air conditioner. Before leaving, a technician will explain the results so you always know where you stand.

Ultraviolet Treatment Systems

For one of the most simple and effective ways to improve indoor air quality, Honeywell has a complete offering of both Air (return) and Surface (coil) Ultraviolet Treatment Systems - to zap live airborne particles and surface moisture growth that can otherwise thrive in duct systems and evaporator coils.

Ductless Air Conditioning System

Do you an older home that does not have central air conditioning or heating? Is there a room in your building that is difficult to connect to an existing ducted system? Does your office have a climate-sensitive space that needs additional cooling? Ductless air conditioning units, or mini-split systems, are the good option for providing conditioned air to reach hard-to-reach places in both residential and commercial setting. 

Whole Home Air Cleaners

You can cut back on indoor air pollution with a whole home air cleaner. This state-of-the-art filtering device attaches to your home HVAC system, providing an extra safeguard against pollen, dust, mold spores, bacteria and other pollutants that can contaminate the indoors. Any air coming into your home comes in through this filter. As a result, your heating an AC system provide air that has a near-zero pollution level.  

Air Duct Cleaning Services

A professional air duct cleaning service improves air cleanliness and keeps HVAC equipment operating efficiency by removing dust and debris from registers, grills, coils, heat exchangers, diffusers and drip pans in addition to the ducts themselves. After using soft brushes to loosen dirt without harming any fragile equipment, we clear it all away with high-efficiency vacuum cleaners.

System Zoning

Introducing an innovation for the future that gives you comfort and control today. With a new zoning system, the utmost in control and home comfort is now yours. If your home is like most, temperatures often fluctuate from one room to the next. Whether its from sunlight, room activity or from other factors that can affect temperature, a new zoning system can put control of your comfort right where it belongs - at your fingertips. System Zoning is pretty simple. It involves multiple thermostats the are connected to a control panel, which operates dampers within the ductwork of your forced-air system. The thermostats constantly read the temperature of the specific zone, then open or close the dampers within the ductwork according to the thermostat's setting. If used properly, system zoning can help you save money on your energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, system zoning can save homeowners up to 30% on a typical heating and cooling bill.

 Security Cages

Air conditioning units are the larges theft due to the expensive copper in the unit. We have high quality steel cages for A/C condensing units and RTU'S. We offer free estimates and fabricate designs to best fit your needs. King Fab LLC the copper theft solutions by 5 Star Air Conditioning & Heating LLC.  

Comfort Controls

If you ever happen to need a thermostat replacement or installed, we can help you there, as well. We're licensed to do that and more. In fact, at 5 Star Air conditioning & Heating LLC we consider ourselves the comfort control experts. We are Honeywell Contractor Pro's. We specialize in:

  1. Traditional and digital thermostats
  2. Programmable thermostats
  3. Touch-screen units
  4. Multiple zone thermostats
  5. Wi-Fi thermostats
  6. Honeywell RedLink systems
  7. Carrier Founten systems
  8. Trane Z-wave Nexia Home Intelligence systems
  9. Honeywell Lyric units
  10. Honeywell WebStat LonWorks